Autscape Ireland Registration 2020

This is the booking form for Autscape Ireland to be held at Clongowes Wood College, Clane, Co Kildare, Ireland from April 14-17, 2020.

If you have problems with this form or any other part of the application process, contact the Autscape Ireland organising committee:

Personal information entered on this form will be kept confidential according to the Autscape confidentiality policy.

Who are you making this booking for?

If you are booking on behalf of a group or family please tell us the group or family name
Name of the person this form is for. (If booking for a family or group, do a separate form for each person.)
Please remember to fill in a registration form for every member of your family or group

How would you like others to refer to you?

Would you like your Twitter handle on your badge?

Registration is now open. Payment can be made using the link below. If you have applied for a Bursary or need to pay in 2 instalments please send an email to Registration will close on March 20th.

Please complete this form then pay using the link which can be found below. The link will open in a separate window. It will also be available from the Autscape Ireland homepage.


You can cancel your registration by sending email to the registrar. 

Refund for cancellation by Mar 13: the full amount paid minus €50 

Refund for cancellation by Mar 30 : 50% of the full amount paid

For later cancellations, no refunds are paid.

Fees information

Residential fees include accommodation for 3 nights, breakfast, lunch & dinner, coffee breaks and attendance at all conference activities.

A limited number of non-residential places are available and can be accessed via the payment link above.

* Lower/hardship

Autscape's definition of low income differs from most. Because a majority of our participants are on disability benefits, the standard rate is set with that in mind. Low income are those who have even less than that, e.g. people with benefits upsets, those in low paid or part time work, and people with extraordinary expenses.

If you have extra expenses such as the need to bring a carer you may apply for a Bursary.

To apply for a Bursary, see Bursary Information and Bursary Application Form. Bursary applications must be submitted by March 8.

** Higher or professional fee

If you can afford to pay the higher fee, the difference provides for the lower/hardship discounts for people who can't afford the standard fee.

Please choose the fee category most applicable to you. Please list this information for all individuals if this is a group or family booking.


This is important. 

The following two words have a specific meaning in the questions. 

Need: If Autscape can’t provide for your needs, you will not manage at the event. 

Prefer: If Autscape can’t provide this, you can find a way to manage. 

Please be careful to distinguish between what you need and what you prefer. If Autscape cannot satisfy all your needs, we will not take your reservation.

You will be asked about your bedroom & bathroom requirements, dietary needs and mobility needs.

There is a space at the end of each section for you to give us any extra information relevant to that section. 


All of the accommodation is in the main College building. All rooms have a wash hand basin. Communal toilets and showers are on the corridor. There are a very small number with en suite facilities, which will attract a supplement of €60 (per room).

Please use the “More information” space for to give us individual needs or preferences where required.

We have a very small number of en suite rooms available. Each will require a supplement of €60 per room (not per person). Everyone who requests an en suite will be put in a draw. Needing one does not increase your chances of getting one.

Please use this space to give more information about accommodation needs or preferences.
Please give us more information about your bedroom placement needs or preferences.

Bathroom information

All of the bathrooms are communal. Most have several cubicles, each cubicle having a toilet or shower.

No one will have exclusive use of a bathroom during their stay; we don’t have enough bathrooms for that. 

Gender segregation of bathrooms: By default all bathroom facilities in the College are for the use of everyone of any gender. We don’t want to exclude anyone who could not manage this so we can make some bathrooms with cubicles into single gender bathrooms if there is a need. 

There are 2 wheelchair accessible toilets on the ground floor. The only wheelchair accessible shower is in the sports complex which is in a separate building.

Please tick all the options which apply to you below. 

There is a lift to most of the accommodation, but not to every room on every floor and all showers require at least one step except one in the sports centre some distance away.

More information about mobility needs

Most special diets can be catered for. Please indicate if this is a preference or a need. We need to know if you have a severe food allergy.

More information about your dietary needs
Please tell us anything else that you think might be helpful for us to know when processing your booking.

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